This blog when finished will have only seven pages. It is being prepared with great love and care for the Doctrines of Grace. This is to a world that is in its last throes of death. Not only is our culture dying, but so are the churches and the Christian Universities and colleges. The strange thing is that churches are dying while at the same time increasing in size, why is that? This website is to highlight these great doctrines and set them forth with their defenses. I would like to make it clear that these great truths are really as old as the Bible they are not a recent development. In fact these great truths had there start in the eternal counsels before the foundation of the world. There will only be 7 posts (pages) to this blog and they are: Introductory remarks and Preface(this post), then one each for the following Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Perseverance of the faith. These will be followed by a brief summary of these points.

“These points were the culmination of a theological debate that developed in Holland during the first quarter of the seventeenth century.” This historical motivation was a response to the five points of James Arminius who was a Dutch seminary professor. They were presented to the state of Holland as a protest, insisting that the Belgic Confession and the Hiedelberg Catechism be amended. They wanted the official statements of the state Church of Holland changed (Steele, 13)”

“The state church in a national Synod was called to meet in Dort in 1618…’the synod gave close examination to the five points’…they failed to find any support for the remonstrant…a mere rejection was not sufficient…one by one they answered each of the five remonstrant pointsthese points were five chapters which have ever since been known as the ‘five points of Calvinism'(Steele, 14)

“…The name Calvinism was derived from the great French reformer, John Calvin (Colbert) (1509-1564)(Steele, 15).

To us today it would seem that odd that the state church rejected these doctrines. After all they are for the most part widely accepted in churches today. No one seems to even notice today that these five remonstrances are so widely held. It is after all what the church believes today, right. Wrong not all of us are this gullible. Most of the theologians back then took a much different slant on what Arminius was teaching. “..the vast majority of the Protestant theologians of that day took a much different view of the matter…Salvation was viewed by the members of the Synod as a work of grace from beginning to end; (steele, 15)

Each post will included a supporting list of Scripture and the reader is encouraged to look up each of these scriptures.

The points expressed here are of course derived from the pages of the Holy Scriptures, which are a final, inerrant, irrefutable and authoritative statement. One can refer to no one higher authority then to God Himself. Second their organization here and quotes that are included here are derived from:

Steele, David N. and Thomas, Curtis C., The Five Points of Calvinism, Defined, Defended and documented., Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Co., Philadelphia, Pa., 1969.

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